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Categories to choose from:

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of choices when you want to buy something and deck boards are no exception.  If it could be simplified, it would come down to choosing from the categories of wood, composite or aluminum.  But its not that simple because within each of these categories I just listed, is a dizzying myriad of choices with each having its own list of pros and cons.



This is the classic, tried and true choice of decking.  It is beautiful and can stay that way for a long time with care and annual maintenance.  A wooden deck is ubiquitous with the middle american landscape, and for great reason.  It is affordable and durable.  The only downside is that it does require maintenance to extend its lifespan.

Pressure treated pine is the most common deck board.  It can be sealed or stained which will add to its longevity.  Another great aspect of pressure treated deck boards is that it is the most affordable selection.  The down side to pressure treated decking is that the outside conditions have an impact on its looks and performance.  The sun’s UV rays can change its color.  The temperature and humidity swings will cause the wood to expand and contract which will begin to show in its appearance.  Pressure treated deck boards cost about $1.25 per linear foot.   With proper maintenance, it can last 15 years.

Cedar decking is a beautiful choice for decking.  It is naturally resistant to decay and insects.  Even though it has a natural resistance to rot it is still recommended to apply a coat of finish to help in its preservation.  Doing this will also help in retaining it’s natural color.  Left untreated the boards color will turn to a silvery gray.  Cedar decking costs around $4.50 per linear foot.  A cedar deck that is will maintained can last 25 to 40 years.

Ipe deck boards are the Taj Mahal of natural wood decks.  Its identity is unmistakable with it’s deep dark brown color and amazing durability.  It has the same Class A fire rating as concrete or steel.  It is naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, weather and insects.  Ipe is just one type of tropical hardwood, it is worth checking out the other woods in this category that are similar to Ipe.  If purchasing this wood, make sure it has a stamp from the FSC to make sure it was harvested legally in a sustainable manner.   Ipe decking cost around $5 per linear foot.  With maintenance, it can last more than 50 years.


Composite decking has made great improvements since its debut decades ago.  It is hard to argue against its durability and ease of maintenance.  Amongst this category is a vast array of choices: slotted, capped, scalloped, solid, hollow and it goes on.  There are a lot of color choices, you are sure to find something that you will like.  Some of the more popular manufacturers are Trex, TimberTech and Wolf.  They all make deck boards that are durable and beautiful if you like composite deck boards.  With composite deck board you can expect to spend between $3 and $7 per linear foot.  You can expect the deck to last 25 to 30 years with a warranty to match and a lot less maintenance than a wooden decking.



Aluminum decking is not a common choice for decking but it is worth noting.  It is a great choice for decking because it will last a long time and it will stand up to the outdoor elements.  Insects don’t like it, it won’t rot and it does not require a lot of maintenance.  One downside to aluminum deck boards is that they can be loud underfoot.  It can be a bit pricey as well, running anywhere from $6.60 to $11 per linear foot,  but can last up to 60 years if maintained properly.


All of the deck boards listed are great products to use, you just have to find what works best for you and what you want to do.  If you want to spend less on materials and are willing keep up with annual maintenance, then pressure treated decking is an excellent choice.  If you are willing to spend more money to minimize your maintenance then composite decking is a great selection to make.  If you want deck boards that won’t get too hot on a summer day, then Ipe decking is a great choice.  If you want a deck board that is interlocking and won’t allow rain to pass through, then aluminum deck is an option.  These are just a few of the many details can help you make a choice on what type of deck board to choose.